The History and Evolution of Leadership Concepts Essay

The History and Evolution of Leadership Concepts Essay

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Leadership is an important factor of knowing how and why events in society happened in certain ways. Leadership in certain environment allows people to distinguish the past, and possibly attempt to assume the future, culture and structure of that environment. Leadership is defined in many different ways, Max Weber, for example, believed “a leader possessed power by virtue of his position (1922).” But in 1938 Chester Bernard defined leadership as “The ability of a superior to influence the behavior of subordinates and persuade them to follow a particular course of action (Barnard 1938).” With all the different definitions of leadership that is out there, the ultimate meaning of leadership is pretty simple because the meaning in the in word itself. An individual with leadership skills is assumed to lead his or her followers to success. In today’s society, many people believe that an effective leader not only bring the people of the organization together but also strive to bring success to the organization as a whole.
Leadership skills have been around for centuries. Date back ...

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