History and Current State of Affaris in The Nordic Countries Essay

History and Current State of Affaris in The Nordic Countries Essay

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What research has been conducted on the public administrations of the nordic countries? Are some theories and themes favored over others, or is there a trend that guides how research in this field has been and should be framed?
This paper will serve as an overview of research conducted in the field of public administrations, with a special emphasis on research conducted on the(relatively recent) history and current state of affairs in the nordic countries, with their distinct permutations of institutional arrangements and organizational environments. A recurring theme in these studies is New Public Management, and the many-facetted reforms in its wake. If there is a differing NPM-reform history or tradition in the Scandinavian countries, and wether or not the era of NPM is over, or replaced by what has been dubbed post-NPM or Whole-of-Government approaches to public administration will pose a central question to this paper.
How has NPM been implemented in the Nordic countries? Do reforms diverge or converge between the countries?, and why is it that the Nordic countries are all middling, neither early nor late adopters of NPM reforms?
The Nordic countries differ from many other “Western” countries in their governing of markets, and where one would normally find more limited regulations and a less invasive state in anglo- and american regulatory regimes, this is not the case in the nordic countries. While one has found that the effects on New Public Management reforms have fostered an increase in market orientation, the market-liberal ideals of the 80s have not been as tremendous an influence on the politics of the northern countries(Christensen, 2004:.....).

The aim of this paper is to elucidate t...

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