History And Criminal Investigations Of A State, Local And Federal Agency

History And Criminal Investigations Of A State, Local And Federal Agency

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Leon County originated in the year 1822 after the emergence of East Florida and West Florida. The Leon County seat is Tallahassee, which also serves as the state capital of Florida since it was the focal point between two principal cities. Unbeknownst to most, this county was named after the famous Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce De Leon, the first European to reach Florida1. In the year 1845, the first Florida constitution was adopted when Florida joined the union, and as a result, established the Office of Sheriff. This paper aims to outline the history and criminal investigations of a State, Local and Federal agency.
The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is a department that is orchestrated by a set of core values. This Sheriff’s department bases its’ organization around the following principles: honesty, integrity, accountability, teamwork, trust, respect and a commitment to excellence.2 Further, these core values are aimed to restore the relationship between the community and Law Enforcement in light of solving and preventing crime. William Cameron served as the first Sheriff to hold office. To date, there have been twenty seven sheriffs deemed worthy to serve Leon County citizens since the establishment.
The current Sheriff of Leon County is former Military Sergeant, Mike Wood. According to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office web-site, Mike Wood’s credentials exceed one’s expectations. Wood has dabbled in multiple Law Enforcement agencies throughout his youth. For example, Wood worked as a uniform patrol deputy, a school resource deputy, a property crimes detective, violent crimes detective and a rank sergeant. As a Bureau Commander, Wood found himself accountable for seven investigative units during his time in the Military. Continui...

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... be used for people 14 years and older with type 1 diabetes to automatically monitor their glucose.
To conclude, state, local, and federal agencies work together with the hopes to prevent and solve crime in a specific area. The collaborative efforts used by each department are already reducing crimes all over the world. The Local agency discussed in this paper is the Leon County Sheriff’s office who works to capture criminals that terrorize Leon County Citizens. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations serves to aid the local Law Enforcement agency in criminal investigations. OBSI has been very successful in recent history and are improving with new technology each day. last but not least, the U.S Food and Drug administration also known as the FDA is dedicated to ensure the safety of the U.S citizens by regulating the nations food supply, cosmetics and products.

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