Essay on Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Essay on Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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Through out history education has been a topic of many concerns. Historically Black Colleges and Universities were established to try and provide freed slaves education they were not able to obtain. For African Americans in the 20th century attending school was a burden. The children had to withstand long walks to get to their designated schools, being denied classes that the white students had in their schools, outdated books and hand me down classroom materials. African Americans all across the United States fought for their kids rights to get a good education, education provided to white only schools. There was a period of time schools were able to legally deny a student acceptance into their institutions based solely on the color of their skin. Many African Americans tried and majority of them got denied. Students at all levels were being denied, from Pre-K all the way up to college. After many attempts to integrate schools parents of the children being denied education just like the white kids, they realized it would be easier to just build their own schools.
Contrary to many beliefs the majority of HBCUs were not first established by African American educators. The founders were often white slave owners. With the land the federal government received they built many institutions to help improve public education. Getting an education as a former slave was not provided by the state; therefore they had to band together and teach each other to read and write. Any form of an education was a death wish. They knew that but they wanted to better their future and the future of those to come. For slaves that meant get caught and die or get lucky and manage to avoid detection and get a mediocre education. Abraham lincoln was known for...

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