Historically Black Colleges and Universites Give Separate but Equal Education...or Not

Historically Black Colleges and Universites Give Separate but Equal Education...or Not

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Since the founding of Cheyney University in 1837 HBCUs have continually been established to give African-Americans an education because they couldn’t attend other institutions. Slavery was the key to whites retaining superiority by preventing African-Americans becoming educated. While some Caucasians did believe in educating African-Americans the majority were against it. The 1860s were when HBCUs started becoming more widespread, although they were hard to keep sustained because the funding generally would have to come from whites. After the abolishment of slavery, laws started to be passed to protect the civil rights of African-Americans, and allow them to get an education. HBCUs became very important after the Supreme Court decision Plessy v. Ferguson because the decision gave African-Americans equal rights, but allowed segregation, coining the phrase “separate but equal.” This meant that the only place African-Americans could go to receive an education was an HBCU. HBCUs play a very important role in the education of African-Americans compared to other colleges and universities. They historically provided a way for African-Americans to get an education that PWIs didn’t give them, they offer an environment that allows for better peer and faculty relationships, and their entrance requirements allow for African-Americans of poor backgrounds to still receive a quality education.
Historically, HBCUs were the only way for African-Americans to receive an education. They
The learning environment of HBCUs is important to African-American education because it provides a positive and welcoming environment that is focused on the students’ success. At most PWIs African-American students are focused on fitting in with the whites and being ...

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...ounds and also African Americans have the highest attrition rate in both two year and four year institutions. Studies by the U.S. Department of Education show that a majority of students’ parents have only received a high school diploma. Also students’ parents have low income reaching below $25,000 per year for students attending 2-year colleges. To account for this, HBCUs provide scholarships sponsored by the United Negro College Fund to give African Americans educational opportunities. While many scholarships require high test scores and GPAs, these scholarships benefit those with more average GPAs. Howard University’s Legacy Scholarship for first time freshman requires a minimum 3.0 GPA and a 1170 SAT or 26 ACT score to be eligible. The scholarships are on a first come first serve basis, so any eligible person may receive the award without separate application.

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