The Historical Progression of African American’s from 1865 Till Today Essay

The Historical Progression of African American’s from 1865 Till Today Essay

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The Historical Progression of African American

HIS204: American History since 1865 (GSN1028D)
The Historical Progression of African American’s from 1865 Till Today

The Historical Progression of African American’s from 1865 Till Today
America has changed as a whole, and is different now then it was back in 1865. We have had many presidents, elections, wars, and other world issues, but African Americans have dealt with a lot of different issues and faced many problems in the past centuries themselves. Every couple year’s things have changed for African Americans, when the civil most war ended in 1865 a lot changed with slavery ending, for the most part. Threw this I will explain the historical progression of African Americans in different time periods and what political, economic, and life changing events and issues African Americans in that time period had to face. Will go over obstacles, success for the outcome of the issue were facing. I will be covering five different units of time. It will start from 1985 till today. Let get started in this epic journey threw time, and history to see how the Life of being an African American has dealt with and changed and grown threw today.
1865 thru 1876
In 1865 reconstruction began after the civil war ended. The United States Congress passed the Thirteen Amendment, which means to stop slavery. Even though slavery ended African Americans life’s sill weren’t completely easy. A lot of African Americans faced political issues as not able to vote, or be a citizen and as well as black codes. These black codes were placed in 1865 and ended in 1866. Black codes are “law” some states had stating what African Americans couldn’t do, even after the slavery


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... see a group of people go from slavery, no rights, to black codes, finally getting civil rights and to one day have a Black man be there president is a major historical progression, and only African Americans deserve the right to smile right now in 2010 , they have made it, they have over come it all and now they have won equality.


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