The Historical Origins of the Second Amendment’s Protection to keep and Bear Arms

The Historical Origins of the Second Amendment’s Protection to keep and Bear Arms

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The origin of the right to keep and bear arms all started with the culture of having guns, then events that brought fear among people, then valid arguments for the need of arms. This explains the historical origin of the second amendment's protection to keep and bear arms. Americans at first had the culture of carrying arms with them for normal life purposes; that is protection, maintaining order in the society, and hunting for food. As time went by in their new settlement areas in America, conflicts developed, and they had to have arms for protection against invasion. The British with their oppressive activities also reinforced Americans’ belief and support for the right to bear arms. The right to keep and bear arms was strengthened by arguments which argued that it was a necessity for the security of the nation; with arms in the hands of civilians, the nations is protected from oppressive acts of the government, and the nation has an advantage of having soldiers everywhere. Below is a full description of the right’s historical origin.
The origin of the right to keep and bear arms is justified by the experiences of the early American people. When the early colonists immigrated to America, they brought guns which they used in their daily lives. They used muskets and short guns to hunt. They also used the guns to fight the Native Americans. When Europeans came to America, they were at first warmly welcomed by the Native Americans who helped them through tough times and shared their food. This relationship did not last long when more Europeans migrated to America. They took away Native American’s land, drove them away, and destroyed their natural way of life. This led to wars between the Native Americans and the colonists therefore...

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...e of the Most Interesting Documents Connected with His Military Command and Civil Administration, Embracing, Among Others, the Farewell Address to the People of the ...Pr. P. Force, 1838.
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