The Historical Leader: Karl Marx Essay

The Historical Leader: Karl Marx Essay

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The Historical Leader: Karl Marx
Karl Marx is one of the greatest historical leaders through his revolutionary philosophical
ideas which relates to transformational leadership. Examining his work on revolution, which
emerged from his writing in 19th century Germany and England. Marx, is history’s greatest
leader because of the manner in which he linked the philosopher theory to activism and
revolutionary change in society. Marx is a transformational leader through his revolutionary
change in society and the way the society is running. Marx envisioned a society creating a sense
of commune and trust working together as a whole instead of separate entities. In The
Communist Manifesto (CM), Marx and Engels write that “the bourgeoisie, historically, has
played a most revolutionary part” (475). This phrase is sarcastic towards the idea as the
bourgeoisie (working class) role is not of provoking revolutionary struggle, but rather creating
conditions suitable for working class revolution. Marx writes that, with capitalism, “Society as a
whole is more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly
facing each other: Bourgeoisie and Proletariat” (CM, 474).
The bourgeoisie’s role in production, and thus revolution, exists in terms of both Marx’s
concepts of the base and the superstructure. Marx proposes that the bourgeoisie, through its
control of the means of production has succeeded in ruining the common bonds that once created
harmony within the public (CM, 475). With regards to the base itself, the bourgeoisie’s unequal
control over the means of economic production causes the anger of isolated workers (Wage
Labor and Capital (WLC), 216-217). Beyond this, the bourgeoisie also enable revolution as
much ...

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...g about social change, and even argues that this change will ultimately be
inevitable, and lead to the disappearance of the unjust social structures which now surround us.
Through this, I feel that Karl Marx was one of the first, if not the first transformational leader in
history, which makes him such a historical leader.
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