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Historical Investigation on the Tollund Man Essays

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Historians and archaeologists investigated Tollund man extensively through the wonderful preservations of his body which gave them hard evidence to support their theories about Tollund Man’s death. The Tollund Man was found on the 6th of May 1950 by two brothers at Silkeborg, Denmark, in a peat bog. He was positioned on his side in a cradle position, naked with a leather belt around his waist, a pointed sheepskin cap with a leather strap that was positioned firmly under his chin and a noose around his neck. The substances in the peat bog prevented the body from decomposing. The bog contains Sphagnum moss which creates acids in the water and grows a glass covering over the water blocking out oxygen and keeping in heat, all in which cause slow decomposition. There was Sphagnum moss which was found under Tollund Man which stated that he lived around the 4th/5th century. The main preservations that help archaeologist the most include the noose, his intestines, and his body; mainly his face.
The most important, useful evidence that was preserved of Tollund Man was the noose that was in a coil knot around his neck. This immediately directs the noose as the cause of Tollund Man’s death in which he was hung or strangled. From the examinations and knowledge of hanging, it was found that Tollund Man was hung not strangled due to the marks imprinted by the rope. The mark was around the neck, under the chin but not at the back of the neck, where the knot was situated. This proves that he was not strangled because if he was, the mark would have been all around his neck whereas in this case it wasn’t. Moreover, the mark type was that of a person who was hung and further evidence of people who are hung today show the same mark Tollund Man was ...

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