The Historical Fiction Of Ernest Hemingway Essay

The Historical Fiction Of Ernest Hemingway Essay

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Throughout the twentieth century a wide variety of novels began to hit the shelves of bookstores in America. Books written about anything from dystopian futures to memoirs of recent years past filled the bookshelves of Americans during the time period. Historical fiction seems to be the most significant of these genres, however, as it teaches people of the past to educate them for a better future. Men learn from their past mistakes, and when man’s mistakes are told as tales, one is more inclined to listen if the story entertains him. This is why historical fiction contributes the most to the combined literary effort of the twentieth century.

Ernest Hemingway was one of the authors who contributed to this flood of historical fiction during the 1900’s. This man captivated readers far and wide with his easy to read, understated style of writing. His writing was easily grasped by readers young and old as he did not favor long, drawn out sentences, but rather short and to the point sentences instead. Hemingway’s work has proven to be influential by it’s own right, with esteemed writer Russell Banks claiming he was inspired by Hemingway’s unique writing style and philosophy. Hemingway’s style has been said to be inspired by his experience of WWI, writing in a fashion “in which meaning is established through dialogue, through action, and silences- a fiction in which nothing is crucial- or very little- is stated explicitly.” (Putnam, 2006). Other influences on Hemingway’s writing are believed to be his stint reporting for the Kansas City Star in his early adulthood. His sense of urgency to convey the message at hand was brought to him through this reporting job. In terms of the genre as a whole, Hemingway contributed very much to the w...

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... to research authors of the 20th century in the past, which aided me in coming to my decisions on what to write about in this very paper. My decision of writing about Hemingway proved to be meaningful, as I learned more about him as an author, and realized I want to read more of his work in the future. His work is rather similar to other authors of fiction in the 20th century, sharing a common ground of cynicism and crude realism as authors such as Ray Bradbury and George Orwell. Of course, the differentiating factor is that the latter two are authors of dystopian science fiction as opposed to historical fiction. Aside, these twentieth century authors along with Steinbeck and Twain all contributed vastly to the growing literary merit among American authors, and have captivated myself and countless other young and old souls alike across the country, and even the world.

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