The Historical Examination Of Cuba 's Revolutionary Transformation Essay

The Historical Examination Of Cuba 's Revolutionary Transformation Essay

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This book review will examine the historical examination of Cuba’s revolutionary transformation in the 20th in A History of the Cuban Revolution, 2nd edition by Aviva Chomsky. This book provides an updated overview of the events that were part of Cuba’s transformation from a dictatorial culture under Fulgenico Batista in the 1950s to the Obama’s negotiations with Raul Castro in recent years. Chomsky’s analysis provides a broad oversight of the general topics related to the Cuban revolution of 1959, which resulted in the overthrow of Batista by Fidel Castro under the July 26th Movement. Of course, the Introduction Chapter One of Chomsky’s left-wing historical evaluation defines the history of American colonialism that defines the dictatorial and exploitative conditions that Cubans had to endure under Batista. In this manner, Chomsky states the importance of the Cuban revolution as a sea change in a primarily capitalist nation during the 1950s:
Increasingly, over the course of the twentieth century, revolutionary movements in these colonies linked national independence to some form of socialism. Cuba’s one of them (Chomsky, 2011, p.11).
These beginning sections of the book define the necessity of radical revolutionary change, which encouraged by the rising power of the Soviet Union during the 1940s and 1950s. In this manner, Chomsky’s approach is based on a socialist/communist view of the Cuban Revolution, since the military and economic oppression of Batista set the stage for a contrasting political and ideological view that opposed American capitalism in the Caribbean. More so, Cuba becomes a counterpoint to the United States, which Chomsky also defines by revealing the corrupt dealings of the U.S. government to topple the soverei...

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...e, which reveals that Chomsky has added on new developments in the cooperative interactions between Cuban and American government officials related to trade policies and cultural interaction between the two nations. Critically, Chomsky tends to focus too much on the American policies involved in these discussions, which avoid a more in-depth analysis of Cuban government officials and political views of these new policy developments in Cuba. However, Chomsky provides a general oversight of the entire course of Cuban history from the Cuban revolution to the modern era, which is insightful on the left-wing development of socialist/communist policies utilized by the Castro government. In some ways, this text might be a good introduction to first-time students of Cuban history, especially in the case of an international analysis through American foreign policy relations.

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