The Historical Dimension Of A Book By Using Jameson 's Critical Investigation

The Historical Dimension Of A Book By Using Jameson 's Critical Investigation

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Always historicize! This famous dictum becomes the trigger for anyone who wants to have an investigation by looking at the significant of historical dimension of a text. Such investigation also examines the cultural and social objects in a larger social relation. As history is the key, the investigation further goes to use it in order to restore and reshape our perspectives on a particular text. This is not to say that after finding the connection our analysis is done, but it actually goes beyond that. The assumption that a text reflects what is in the society, is enriched and explored more by using Jameson’s critical investigation. Such framework of analysis enables us to see more. Just like what the indigenous people in the North America have done throughout the century.
History can tell how these Native American people had their long and winding road to go through. For years, they have fought for their land and freedom and they are still struggling up to now. By saying this, I refer to all the poets who have reflected their effort in preserving Native American existence through their poems. For sure, since their predecessors had direct contact with the European colonizer, physical struggle (going to war) and other forms of struggle (trading, making treaties, relocating etc.) have become the means of their effort to survive and from the history, we learn how these indigenous people in general underwent a miserable life during the colonization both by the European and the United States. Likewise, from literary works, like poems, people can also learn how these people are still struggling. The challenges Native Americans face today are certainly different, and so are their forms of struggle. The fight they have is completely alt...

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...Ortiz’s poems, in this case, are not isolated for they are connected to the discourse of the Native American. Such interconnectivity becomes the purpose of this paper. What I investigate is how to see the two poems as a part of the whole of the Native American discourse and how can these poems speak about the indigenous, constructing a lively band out of those poems into the world. Intertwining the two poems and utilizing the historical narrative of the Native American, offer the opportunity to have a deeper investigation and exploration beyond the historical fact provided. Native Americans are still doing what their predecessors do in the past by accepting the challenge they have these days. Holding onto the past, traditions, and ancestors, the now generation will keep moving forward to the future. These are identified as the prominent defences they hold till today.

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