The Historical Development Of Social Work Essay

The Historical Development Of Social Work Essay

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How is the historical development of social work related to my career in social work? Learning the history of how social work because is very good for everyone going into the career of a social worker because you will have the knowledge of how social work as a profession came about and the people who work hard to make this profession possible. You also get to know the struggle that these people went through in order for us to have this profession. We get to know the origin of social work, as well as, what a social worker is and does. Because social work is a helping people profession and our job is to help those in need, and advocate for the people the best way we can through different resources. Although, back then ordinary people were helping one another without being called a social worker, now we can refer to them as social worker because back then the term social worker was not known. Knowing the history of particular things helps us to understand things better and helps us to be a better person and in this case a better social worker. Also knowing a history makes us proud of how far we have come and help us to want to do more to help people in our profession.
Difference it makes to my future work that social work is a profession vs. a discipline
There is a difference between social work being a profession compare to it being a discipline. Starting off, for something to be considered a profession according to Discprof. (n.d.), it has to be “A relationship with academe; a professional-client relationship; an expected level of educational attainment; Expected norms for entrance into the profession; A system of rewards; Certification of competence and a high level of professional standards; Criteria for evaluating achievement a...

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...child taken away or is in the process. Social work is always going to be needed who matter the stages that a person goes through and for a person to take the time to go to school and graduate and take their board and pass, this is a profession that they have chosen and love.
Social work is considered a helping profession and we help people in their environment get the help that they need. Our job is to advocate for the people in need by using problem-solving techniques and intervention, and by utilizing resources in their communities and state to help them live a better life. In addition, it is our job to let the people have the right to self-determination, meaning that the client do have the right to make their decisions and our job as the social worker is to just simply guide the clients in the right direction but ultimately their decision is the one that matters.

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