Historical Development Of Nursing Leadership Essay

Historical Development Of Nursing Leadership Essay

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The changes in contracting arrangements, funding, and policies in New Zealand, new organizations are evolving to provide improved primary health care (www.newzealandhealthcare.co.nz, n.d.). Nurses are increasingly becoming involved in decision-making to enhance their contributions and thereby promoting positive outcomes for the patients. Development of leadership skills enables the nurses to become aware of the power structures underlying in the health systems. It helps them to get acknowledged as health professionals who are interdependent in the PHOs (Primary Health Organizations) which are funded by District Health Board (DHB) . It is a big challenge for health workforce New Zealand employers to provide a precious care specially to aging population and other patients within increased comorbidities and social complexities (healthworkforce.health.govt.nz, n.d.).
Leadership development in nursing contributes to developing a purpose-feeling, work, facilitating with circumstances and people and manage the politics in the health care organizations (Ang H. G., 2016). This essay will discuss about the leadership theories and how these theories are implemented in Primary health care of patients by Nurses of New Zealand. But, transformational theory is widely selected in this essay report because The transformational leader is characterized by engaging in a kind of leadership process that promotes followers and the establishment of an aim that gives meaning and encouragement to the followers. (Payne, 2016)

In 1905 there was the starting to formulate group of nurses in wel...

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...nd nurses are well qualified to provide the primary health care to the patients. Elizabeth Grace Neil here is the big example for the other nurses who followed her and did the good evaluation to perform a better care for the patient. Moreover ,the devotion of nurses towards the patients is the feedback from the patients. With this there are some arguments also related to rules and regulations formed by New Zealand government (nurse learning, n.d.).That describing New Zealand nurses have the specific goal by using their patient centred technique to complete the full care criteria. So New Zealand is a well developing country especially in health care profession in nursing and by using the new leadership theories this country want to be their leader nurses in frontline by their creative and intelligent minds to get the positive feedback for the nation.

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