Historical Analysis on Factories Essay

Historical Analysis on Factories Essay

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How would you feel about being age ten and working twelve hour shifts with dangerous machery. It's not safe, you're risking your life, and harming yourself. People were tied to those machines. You want to quit, but you know your family needs the money. Even though you boss sometimes didn’t pay you. Factories are what started the Industrial Era, which started in England. The first factories had problems, progress, and promises. They weren’t perfect, but it lead these people closer to the world we know today. Since this was the first time people started using the factory system there were some imperfections.
The factories were a new fast way of getting work done. Richard Arkwright created the first factories. He invented a couple of inventions to help speed up the threading process. For example he invented the spinning Jenny. But his most popular invention lead to the creation of factories. He called it the Water Frame, this took place in 1768. The water frame was powered by water. He knew that women could not contain it in their homes, so he installed a couple inside a building. That way women can come in and use it to get their threading done faster. And thats how the factories started. In 1712 the steam engine was invented by Thomas Newcomen. But improved by James Watt a couple years later. They replaced the water powered machinery with steam powered machines.
The Factories started to grow and was a good way for women and children to earn money. The factory population grew in the cities, and many people moved there to find jobs. The first factories were for textiles. Before factories women would do everything by hand, which took them hours. Now products were getting done at a faster pace.
The machines were not perfect, they wer...

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...oblems, progress, and promises. The imperfections are what helped us improve so many things. Thanks to that we have jobs that contain benefits, good pay, laws, and more.People back then changed their ways from everything by hand to machines. It was hard working at the factories. So many people were hurt or killed by this, and yet we kept going. The factories were not the best jobs. Over time we improved the problems, we were able to have better progress and accomplish the promises we made.

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