Historical Analysis from El Mirasol Hotel To Alice Keck Park Essay

Historical Analysis from El Mirasol Hotel To Alice Keck Park Essay

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Mr. Grein had remarked on the London Sunday Times that:” the English are not artists in the dram, nor in the other arts, but they are eminent artists in living and in the ordering of a home”. In the story of Pride and Prejudice, characters’ daily chat are always surrounding house decoration or beautiful houses too, several plots are drew from the conversation about house, for example, when Mrs. Darcy came to Elizabeth’s place to tell her to keep away from her son, she ask Elizabeth to lead her a tour to the house. It can be seen that house’s position in English mind. Like the fiction Pride and Prejudice, story began with a “house” on the site of Alice Keck Park.
This “house” is called El Mirasol. It located at Santa Barbara in California, a city who is breathe-taking beautiful and near the Pacific Ocean. Amazing housing art has been embodied clearly in the ideal of decorating El Mirasol
Albert Herter’s El Mirasol Hotel, which now has already became Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden, was purchased and donated to Santa Barbara in 1975, and dedicated in 1980. Alice Keck Park is a relatively young but joyful place for city of Santa Barbara. It consists one city block, has a man-made pond stocked with turtle and koi, and many meandering walkways and paths. All plants in the garden are chosen specifically to be tolerant of the Santa Barbara climate. People lived in Santa Barbara use this place as a beautiful park and wonderful place for wedding or events like this. However, it’s the after-line of the story.
Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden’s predecessor is Albert Herter's El Mirasol Hotel. Even though El Mirasol is purchased and built to honor his father-Christian Augustus Herter.Albert Herter and his wife Adele Herter’s decoration ...

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...ill never predict what will surely happen next. Maybe a new proposal connecting the history will come out soon or maybe not, I am very optimistic about it and always looking forward such thing to happen.

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