Historic Spanish Point Archaeological Site Essay

Historic Spanish Point Archaeological Site Essay

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Located on Little Sarasota Bay in Osprey Florida on a thirty acre land, Historic Spanish Point is a museum and an environmental complex operated by the Gulf Coast Heritage Association. The museum includes an archeological exhibit of pre historic shell mound as a midden, a chapel, boatyard, nature trails, a citrus packing house and a turn-of-the-century pioneer homestead historic house museum (Burnett, 1986). The Historic Spanish Point is the earliest Archaeological site to be listed in the national Register of Historic places and offers excellent leisurely walking tours to numerous visitors who regularly tour this site all year round.
There exists an archaeological record that encompasses about 5,000 years of Florida prehistory. Habitation of the site spans the Late Archaic period 5,900-3,200 years ago through to the Manasota and Late Woodland periods 3,200-1,000 years ago. The Visitors Center at Osprey School is a building that was designed in the Spanish colonial style between 1926 and 1928 by Tampa architect and currently serves as the Historic Point Visitors’ Center. It is also used as the museum’s store and administration offices.
Historic Spanish Point is a composite museum with numerous layers and facets. “A Window to the Past” exhibition provides lots of evidence relating to the past. It is one of the few places that visitors enter inside a prehistoric shell midden and are encircled on three sides by evidence of the ancient times (Burnett, 1986). During the prehistoric period, people living on the bay’s shore saw the introduction of ceramics and the transition from nomadic hunters and gatherer to settled subsistence societies. These people took advantage of the abundant resources provided by the gulf, woodland, marsh an...

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...he removal of invasive non-native vegetation and addition of a proper wetland ecosystem added a more beautiful and unique habitats for local wildlife (Milanich, 1980). On the top of tall trees Osprey are seen perched with fish in their talons while wood peckers’ distinctive calls are usually heard all year round.

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