Essay on Hispanic Graduation Rate

Essay on Hispanic Graduation Rate

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Hispanic Graduation Rate
Hispanics have the lowest graduation rates and are drop out…that is a lie. More hispanics are graduating today than any other point in history. Even though the media portrays that education is horrendous, the graduation rate among Hispanics increased in the last few decades in the by educational improvement.
Since adolescents tend to make decisions that put their education at risk, educational programs are put in place to help students not make those mistakes and stay in school. Especially the problem stated by Kaufman where he observed that in a class of girls, average age being 17 and 18, fifty percent have babies and half of these females would bring their children. If a female has to worry about more than one person, she will feel the need to drop school in order to care for the child. In order to prevent birth rates to be high among adolescent girls, sexual education programs have been put in place, so that females can concentrate more on school instead of raising a child. This leads to female students not having children at a young age, so the young females can have more time on self-improvement and graduate. Another problem that is being lowered in order to improve graduation is the failing classes. Adam says that if a student has a month where grades are low, it can lead to the student failing and just giving up. Sometimes by supervising behavior and having a student let out his or her stress, grades can get better because if a student is having problems at home or making decisions that put them in troubling situations, this leads to them not focusing 100% on school work. If students do not focus on schoolwork, they will not do well in school, and they will not graduate. Sometimes it is not a majo...

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...tle to no time for teachers to help students one on one. Then by taking away from adolescents exposed to bad influences, they can concentrate more on that essay for English or the lab in Chemistry.
Hispanics are having more success in education than the public seems to know. With the assistance of Educational Programs, Student Benefits, and School Improvement, the Hispanic population of student will continue to become better and thrive.

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