Hispanic Discrimination And African Americans Essay

Hispanic Discrimination And African Americans Essay

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When you think of Hispanics, the first thing that comes to mind is, obviously a group of men mowing your lawn or an uneducated single mom with five young kids. Most people think that we, Hispanics, do not know how to speak English at all or are illegally in the United States. All Hispanics have been put into the category of the stereotypical Hispanic by Americans. We are all viewed falsely the same way uneducated, illegal, and all Mexican.
Throughout the years I have been asked many questions about my status in the United States just because I’m Hispanic. Most of the people who ask questions over the status of someone in the United States are trying to make jokes about them (Hispanics) “jumping the border” or “swimming across the border.” To Americans we are all grouped in the same category and don’t realize that we’re not all from Mexico and we’re not all uneducated. There are two different sides to the Hispanic race just like there are two different sides to African Americans as shown in “Who Shot Johnny?” by Debra Dickerson.
The essay of Debra Dickerson’s “Who Shot Johnny?” she explains how Americans only see the gangster, uneducated, homeless, careless black community and doesn’t see the other good, bright side of it. I believe that’s what has happened with the Hispanic community. Why you may ask? Because as soon as I tell someone I’m Hispanic they start with the racial, offending jokes and start thinking I’m not as smart simply because I’m Hispanic, when in reality I’m always passing all my classes. They automatically think it is okay to make these kinds of jokes like “Oh did you jump or swim across the border?” If you must know I did not “jump” or “swim across” the border, I flew to the United States in a plane. Yes, I know ...

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...om high school on June 4, 2016. I am not illegally in the United States, nor did I “jump the border” or “swim across the border.” I most certainly do not eat guinea pigs nor wear my hair in braids every day. I also do not dress culturally twenty-four seven. Yes, there are Hispanics out there who are the complete opposite of me and may fit the “stereotypical Hispanic,” but I do not fit that category. I fit the opposite category. I also, don’t believe every Hispanic should be put into the “stereotypical Hispanic” category because it wouldn’t be fair to any of them, especially if they are hard-working, honest human beings. I shouldn’t be put into that category nor have to deal with the racial jokes on a daily basis. America needs to wake up and stop judging someone based on where they’re from. If I were to base you on the stereotype of your race … How would you feel?

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