Essay Hisaye Yamamoto's Seventeen Syllables

Essay Hisaye Yamamoto's Seventeen Syllables

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Short stories like Hisaye Yamamoto’s Seventeen Syllables, reveals something about the time period and how the author lived; we recognize these connotations in her essay “Seventeen Syllables” -- A Symbolic Haiku, through her logical outlook of everything. Yamamoto wants to educate American readers of the multicultural struggles that are brought upon by the immigrated, (mostly women), to America for freedom. She shows her purpose of everything through her special attention, the roles in woman, both Japanese and American, the metaphorical meaning of haikus, the seasons figurative meanings, the number three and seventeen and finally, the social obstacles between both the West and eastern hemispheres.

From what I have found out, Yamamoto explains to us that the Haikus are metaphorical for the practices found in the spiritual and expressive nature of the Eastern World. This is also where Tome discovers her individuality along with an insight to the meaning of life. Let us not forget that she also brings up on Tome’s pen name importance and how it signifies the growing and ‘spring-like’ tr...

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