Hiring An Advertising Agency At A Fast Paced Growing Company Essay

Hiring An Advertising Agency At A Fast Paced Growing Company Essay

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On behalf of my research team, it is my pleasure to present to you a detailed report on whether In-house advertising department or advertising agencies is best to take over the advertising side in a fast paced growing company.
The report has been prepared based on your request to figure which route should our company pursuit. Specially knowing that In-house advertising versus using an advertising agency has long been a subject for debate. After discussing statistics, demographics, consequences and benefits, the report shows that hiring an outside professional and experienced advertising agency is the best choice for a company like ours.
In presenting this report, I thank my colleagues in the department and my team for their professionalism and dedication in putting this report together, and in their interests to further develop our company Fakhouri Engineering Consultation.
We are ready to begin on contacting agencies as soon as we get the approval to do so. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Ashraf Fakhouri

Research Proposal
Hiring an Advertising Agency versus In-House Advertising
Ashraf Al Fakhouri
Many companies have been choosing to drift away from advertising agencies when it comes to marketing their businesses by utilizing in-house advertising, there are many factors to consider before doing so. In the following proposal, there will be a full explanation as to why this may not be the best decision to make.

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...iding a service that the company must pay for. But with this being said, the reality is different. When taking into consideration the added staff, including salary and benefits is not going to save much money.
Hiring an advertising agency may be scary or difficult to accept doing but it is important to understand that many agencies have strong risk-taking tendencies, strong values and intense creative code, therefore they will work harder and achieve better results than those of in-house advertising (Windels, Kasey, 2014)
In conclusion, based on the fasts aforementioned, hiring an agency is the best choice for this fast paced growing company. Also, each choice presents options, which is why a savvy conjunction of both would be your companies’ best option. Finding the right combination between internal and external teams is the key to your companies’ success.

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