Essay on Hiring A New Employee Is A Complex Process

Essay on Hiring A New Employee Is A Complex Process

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Hiring a new employee is a complex process. It is a risky gamble required of every company that wants to grow and remain successful. Hiring managers are always looking for ways to increase the odds of a successful hire. They employ various methods, such as background checks, references, and academic transcripts, all in an attempt to reduce the risk that comes with hiring a new employee. In rare instances, the potential hire is clearly so superlative that these methods are all but a formality. Ed Kiewra is a prime example of such a potential employee. He is an excellent coder, and has repeatedly demonstrated intelligence, commitment, passion, and honesty.
While Ed was growing up, his family did not have much in terms of computer technology. One outdated computer, primarily used by Ed’s father to browse the Internet, sat in the living room. Whenever the computer was free, Ed would seize the moment to play his favorite video games, such as Lego Minestorms, a series of kits used to program robots. As the years passed, Ed’s family became more technologically advanced, and he upgrad...

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