Essay on Hiring A Home Care Assistant

Essay on Hiring A Home Care Assistant

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Hiring a Home Care Assistant
When the time comes and you realize you need to hire in-home help, you will need to be skillful at hiring the person that will match the needs of the person you are providing care. If you do decide to hire an unlicensed worker, the first thing you will need to know is that there is a cottage industry of home care workers who might take on three or four people in a community. This is a point you should know early in the hiring process.
The following are sample questions and issues to consider:
1. How much caregiving experience does the person have?
2. Have they worked with Alzheimer’s or dementia patients?
3. Have you worked with someone with diabetes?
4. How do you feel about intimacy issues related to incontinence and diaper changing?
5. Do they have any religious freedom issues?
6. How do they feel about working with LGBT seniors?
7. Have they worked with persons with AIDS/HIV?
8. Have they worked with persons with Hepatitis C?
9. What is their level of formal training?
10. Do they drive or have their own transportation, or use public transportation, o...

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