Essay on Hippocrates : The Father Of Modern Medicine

Essay on Hippocrates : The Father Of Modern Medicine

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Hippocrates: the Father of Modern Medicine
Hippocrates was born to a physician priest around 460 B.C (History Learning Site). Hippocrates was known as the Greek doctor of medicine. During his time, he made a strong mark in medical history. Although he did most of his work 430 years before the birth of Christ, he is still considered the father of modern medicine. In today’s world he is strongly recognized so much so that graduating medical students take what is called the ‘Hippocratic Oath” as they step into the world of practicing medicine. This could be because he is the one who freed medicine from the bondage of superstition, sorcery and the spirit world. My goal in this paper is to explore the work done by Hippocrates, which led him to being known as the father of modern medicine.
During Hippocrates time, it was believed that many diseases were caused by supernatural powers. Priests believed that an illness such as epilepsy, for example, was caused by Gods. It is Hippocrates who deliberated that all diseases had a natural cause. He moved away from the assumption of a supernatural cause. He felt that the work of a doctor should not be mixed with the work of a priest and separated the two from each other. Hippocrates is credited with turning away from divine notions of medicine and using observations of the body as a basis for medical knowledge. For him, prayers and sacrifices to the gods did not hold a central place in his theories, but rather changes in diet; exercise and keeping the body in balance was the key (Greek Medicine).
Hippocrates began to practice medicine during the time when the ancient Greek schools of medicine were split into the Knidian and Koan schools. At that time there was no knowledge or insight o...

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...rts of Larissa in 356 B.C. It is he who contributed to modern medicine and declared that it should stand on detailed observation, reason and experience in order to establish the correct diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. After Hippocrates, medicine was no longer about superstition or magic or religious beliefs and empirical treatment exercised by priest-physician but became a real science with accumulating experience.

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