Hip-Hope Groupe: Above AveRich Productions Essay

Hip-Hope Groupe: Above AveRich Productions Essay

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Above AveRich Productions (AA) was founded on November 24, 2009 as a hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan by Ivory “A.I. Da Truth” Pete and DiAngelo “Angelo Martez” Rouse. A.I. Da Truth and Angelo Martez began producing music, writing and recording songs over the course of the summer of 2009. This two man team quickly grew with the addition of other recording artists with the same passion and skills in writing, recording and producing. The passion that each of them had for music was unquestionable and they saw an opportunity to create a group of individuals with that same passion.
The Above AveRich sound is a stewpot of rich and meaningful lyrics seasoned with uplift and inspiration blended with lively percussion, warm synths, and intricate piano melodies accompanied by horn and vocal samples. The recording sessions occurred initially in a small setup of a recording microphone, keyboard, and an Apple laptop in the Dixon Hall dorm room of Angelo Martez. Later, recording sessions would occur in the more efficient recording studio of Jackson State University (JSU) using state of the art recording equipment. AA would also later develop as a record company organization and migrate to Mississippi where I (JoVantreis Tolliver) would join the team as one of the founders.
AA’s purpose is to create good authentic music with a custom sound that will promote the brand name. The foundation is uniquely based on the inspirations and influential musicians and artists throughout history who have paved the way and even sparked the zeal to pursue music. Additionally, we aim to maintain and grow our fan base while receiving continuous support through promotions that will boost relevance, popularity, and consistence.
The system that I have chosen t...

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...ds, “A coach may be a sounding board, asking questions and directing conversations through a process whereby the individual can learn to self-assess and work through thought processes and obstacles.” This could not have been done by me if I had not exhibited effective use of self and being more assertive and objective.
Developing a flexible schedule and allotting times for recording has to be established. If there is excitement around an idea, it must be vocalized and recorded in its rawest form. As opposed to retreating to forms of resistance (confluence and deflection) we both realized the importance of being objective in establishing deadlines. Additionally, setting polarities was extremely helpful in managing balance of decisions.

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