Essay on Hip Hop Is An Expression Of Culture

Essay on Hip Hop Is An Expression Of Culture

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Hip Hop is an expression of culture, life through words, and language. When you think of hip hop you think of graffiti, breakdancing, MC’s, and DJ’s. Hip Hop started in South Bronx, New York in the 60’s and the culture of hip hop since then has evolved. Every generation has added their own swag to the culture of hip hop through style of music, lyrics, fashion, dancing, etc. This 21st century of hip hop has went on a completely different path regarding fashion, the way male artists talk about women, quality of lyrics by artists, plus more. The 21st century of hip hop has honestly embarrassed where the culture of hip hop is headed and the people in this generation have lost themselves as individuals. As someone who’s from this generation, I can honestly say that there are more negatives than positives as far as the way this generation portrays themselves. You want to leave your mark as how people view this generation regarding hip hop and the mark being left right now isn’t one someone should be proud of.
So many artists today wouldn’t be able to compete with artists back in the day lyrically. Artists like Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G changed the game of hip hop. In the book The Hip Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African American Culture by Bakari Kitwana states that, “Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur’s music and lives became subjects of books, college courses, television documentaries, and conference discussions following their death” (Kitwana 4). These two artists had such a connection with their fans that when they both died society didn’t know what to do. There were multiple funerals held in different states for them. These two had a story to tell that listeners wanted to hear whether it was about what was ac...

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...led your daughter a bitch or a hoe? I feel as if you look it through that perspective then your mindset will change, not entirely true though.
In conclusion, hip hop as a culture going back to when it first started needs to be shown again to artists today so they can see how bad of an influence they are having on today’s youth. This isn’t an issue that can be changed overnight but at least needs to be headed in a positive direction. If today’s youth can see that how you carry yourself as an individual says a lot about your character, and then it will truly be beneficial in the long run. This includes the way boys wear their pants, the lingo being spoken, the way women allow men to talk to them, etc. This is just one step headed in the right direction. It all starts with the artists being true role models for the youth and realizing the impact they have on the youth.

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