Hip Hop And The Music Industry Essay

Hip Hop And The Music Industry Essay

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This paper will reflect hip-hop and the music industry. It will give a glimpse in the history of hip-hop. It will show how hip-hop originated and how music has a huge influence in mainstream media. Urban America took fast to the new wave of music and how a person’s personal struggle in life and the street. This will show how the media glamorizes rappers and their celebrity to give a false view of the lifestyle.
Hip Hop Music Today
Even before words were spoken there was music. There are so many aspects to music and the main one is to make a person feel good and happy it also tells the story and allows a person to relate to the artist. A good music source can allow you to escape from certain tragedies or relationship issues such as a breakup or other forms of heartache. On the other hand you have the music that makes you feel anger that allows you the ability to release your frustrations. And then there 's the music that allows you to move your body and want to get up and go and do something with yourself it 's a motivation tool for most individuals. There are so many different aspects of music that to choose just one is impossible. There has been so many changes throughout the music industry throughout the decades. Hip-hop started off as a small piece of the pie, but has transformed in to a major part of the industry today. Hip-hoop (Rap) today is not what it used to be in the early 1970’s. The music has developed into more of a broadcast of riches and loose women along with disrespectful lyrics that really make an individual feel as if this person has lived the worst life possible. This is not the case for all of the hip hop industry, but it does cover a large part of it. For most mainly young women, it is very hard to be able t...

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...tting his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk of his car and crashing it over a bridge. The lyrics are harsh and can be taken clearly out of contexts by youth, but the songs still made it presence on the music billboards. (Hasted, 2011) This is particularly disturbing because not only do the young people today see this a possible influence, but they are influenced and can easily assume mean act that way and women are treated that way. Hip-hop (rap) music has a difficult way of showing women in a positive light. Young women the same as young men will imitate what they see in music videos and what they hear in their songs. Young women will parade themselves around in music video’s broadcasting their bodies for the world to see. TV, billboards, Ads, magazines, and social media has become accepting of this lifestyle, but truth be told, everything that glitters is not gold.

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