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Since the birth of hip-hop and rap music, there have been certain associations connected with its culture and supporting audience. These associations are made by “White America” who sees culture of hip hop and rap as nothing but offensive, vulgar, and violent. “Gangster music” is often used to label hip-hop and rap music, and therefore associate supporters and people who listen to this type of genre to be gangster or affiliated with violent gang activity. In addition to the music, the perception of the artists who make hip-hop and rap music is that they are ghetto and ignorant. Critics, especially those of earlier generations, do have these perceptions and would never associate with anyone who supports rap culture. Also, earlier generations of “White America” are concerned for the recent teenage generations that have been more affected by rap music and believe it is endangering the future of our society as a whole. However, acceptance to the rap culture has increased more and more as the years moved along from around the mid 80’s, through the 90’s, arguably the best era in the history of hip hop and rap, and into current times. Hip-hop and rap is now one of, if not the most popular music genres there are.
A 2002 quote by Bill O’Reilly exemplifies the type of things that are said about rap artists and their behaviors, “I’m giving you my opinion that says he is not an artist, he’s a thug. You can’t draw a line in the sand and say Ludacris, because he is a subversive guy that, number one advocates violence, number two, narcotics selling and all the other things, he’s not as bad as Pol Pot [Cambodian communist] so we’ll put a Pepsi can in his hand.” Criticism, such as Bill O’Reilly’s and many others have caused a stereotype tha...

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