Hip and Knee Movements and Muscles Essay

Hip and Knee Movements and Muscles Essay

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Hip and Knee Movements

Hip and Knee Movements
1. Take the position of a runner in the starting block for a short running race. Place one foot forward and one foot back while placing your hands on the starting line.
a. In what position is the hip joint for the forward leg?
Flexion and extension can be measured by analyzing the angles between two body parts. Flexion can be described as a movement that decreases the angle between two parts of a body. On the other hand, extension describes to a movement that increases the angle between two parts of a body. The position of a runner, who is taking a short race, on the starting block, insinuates that one leg is placed forward and one leg is placed backward. The hip angle can be calculated based on the absolute angle of the thigh and the trunk. It can be done using the formula below:
ɵhp = ɵthigh absolute - ɵtrunk absolute
In this model, if the hip angle is positive, then the related action is flexion. However, if the hip angle is negative, then the related movement is extension. However, if the angle is zero, it means the thigh and the trunk are aligned vertically in a neutral position. The forward leg subtends a positive angle, which means that the hip joint of the forward leg is in a flexed position.
b. In What position is the hip joint of the back leg?
The hip joint of the back leg subtends a negative angle, which means that the hip joint of the back leg is in an extended position. This is as per question (a) above,
c. Now imagine that the starter has fired the starting gun, into what position did the hip joint of the forward leg move and what muscles caused the movement?
The forward leg moves to the extended position. The muscles which are responsible for extending th...

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c. Which gender is known to have a larger "q" angle? Male or female?
The “q” angle is defined to be the line of the quadriceps muscles pull and the line of intersection of the partellar tendon. The female gender is known to have a larger “q” angle. Their “q” angle ranges from 150 to 200, whereas that of the male ranges from 100 to 150.
4. Lying prone with your entire body on the table, bring your heels to your buttocks.
What muscles performed this action of the knee joints?
Since this is a flexion movement, the posterior muscles of the knee performed this action. They include:
• Gluteus medius
• Gluteus maximus
• Iliotibial band
• Gracilis
• Semitendinosus
• Semimebranosus
• Gluteus minimus
• Piriformis
• Superior gemellus
• Obturator iternus
• Obturator Externus
• Inferior gemellus
• Quadratus femoris
• Adductor Magnus
• Biceps femoris

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