Hinduism : The World 's Third Largest Religion Essay

Hinduism : The World 's Third Largest Religion Essay

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Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion and was originated in the Indian subcontinent. Surprisingly as big as it is rare that Hinduism doesn’t have a start. Not a single founder, religious organization, or specific system, but it has evolved over thousands of years. Hinduism has a wide range of body in cultural and philosophical practices. Hinduism consists of belief and tradition. It has not only survived countless attacks from invading nations and religions, but has also changed and grown more than anything other religion has. It has been suggested that the Aryans are said to have invaded India around 1500 BC, added their traditions and chaste system to the culture. This is the only origin of the idea of Hinduism known.
The prominent themes in Hindu beliefs are the four Puruṣārthas: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Dharma is considered highest point of a follower of Hinduism. The Dharma is made up of the belifs that make the order that makes life and universe good and working. These are thing such as laws, human rights, duties, morals and “the right way of living” .
Artha is the pursuit of wealth is social settings, jobs and money. This is the “means of life”, this gives the resources that lets one to be where they want to be in; caste, career and financial situations are included.
Kāma is the pleasure of life, affection, or love. This can or not be influenced by sexual relations. In Hinduism, Kama is essential and healthy in life when done without disobeying the other themes.
Moksha is the main goal for people in Hinduism. There are two definitions. The first is that Moksha is the “getting rid of” all sorrow, pain and re-carnation in one’s existence. The other is in a spiritual sense of completely ...

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...e with Hindu morals. Although in today’s society many Hindu children especially outside India go to school but the family keeps them grounded in their beliefs.
Most Hindus worship at a shrine in home. Most Hindu’s shrine include pictures and maybe and idol of the god(s) the family worships, but richer families can dedicate a whole room to worship and the shrine. In many homes food is given to the idol before the family eats, also many bathe before worshiping as a sign of respect.
What is Hinduism? “Hinduism is the world’s largest religious tradition.” The religion is made out of individual beliefs and evolved rituals. The views of god differs from person to person as do many of the issues of the faith. Hinduism is a very culture and people based faith, which survives on the loyalty of the followers and how they carry out their devotion for their god(s).

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