Essay on Hinduism : Not You 're Tradition Religion

Essay on Hinduism : Not You 're Tradition Religion

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Hinduism: Not You’re Tradition Religion
While most traditional religions are easy to define and comprehend, Hinduism is not. It cannot be spoken about as one single entity but rather a label for many different traditions within itself that originated in India. It is the world’s third largest religion with a following of a billion people. Hinduism, at its most basic definition, is the belief in either several gods or goddess, or the belief in one God with many faces. It is a way of life that relies heavily on the ideas of cause and effect. They believe in reincarnation with a desire to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. They believe it is the key to a lifetime of happiness, prosperity and love. While it is considered to be the oldest known religion in recorded history, Hinduism is very different from what we expect a traditional religion to be.
The origins of Hinduism can be dated back to the third millennium BC and reaches its highpoint around 2000 BC (Smith). It has such a remote past that it cannot be linked to any singular individual or group. The Rig Veda is earliest of the Hindu scriptures and dates back to well before 6500 BC (Das). The name Hinduism itself did not come from the people of this belief system and is not mentioned in any scriptures. It was a name that was derived from principle rivers in South Asia, the Indus, and was given by the British in the nineteenth century to all those in India who were neither Muslim or Christian (Smith).
Within Hinduism there are the four Vedas, The Rig, Yajur, Sama, and Artharva. They are the earliest texts of Hinduism written in Sanskrit and for millennia only preserved orally. The Rig is among one of the oldest known texts of the Indo-European world (Smith). It acco...

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Hinduism is the oldest known religion to man, and because of this there are a lot of aspects of it making it quite different compared to the traditional religions we are used to. It is truly more of a way of life that can be practiced with an extreme effort to attain the highest ends of Hinduism, but most people are satisfied with a modest observance. There are a myriad of gods, ways of practice, and rituals that make this a very overwhelming belief system to learn about. So much so that even its own followers do not fully understand the religion itself. What they do know is, nonetheless, that even though Moksha may seem out of reach in their current lifetime, the faith they have, these prayers they say, the offerings they bring and the devotion they have for their Gods makes them happy and feel good here on Earth and will give them a better rebirth in the future.

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