Hinduism Is A Known Of Hinduism Essay

Hinduism Is A Known Of Hinduism Essay

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Hinduism is a known religion in India. It is known for its phemenon practices. It is widely accepted all over India. Hinduism is known for its norm. the essential of Hinduism’ states “ the stage of life started with marriages”. In this culture teachers permitted marriages. After marriage a man lived the life of a household following the dictates of the scriptures. Among other things, he had to perform other rituals. He was in charge of a daily worship called agnihotra (Bhaskaranda, nd). The man was known to carry the responsibility to fulfill the desires of the woman by giving her gifts on holidays and festival. According to bhaskaranda, a wife was called sahadharmini, which means a partner in spiritual life. The husband and wife were expected to keep and observe fidelity. They were to raise children admonishing them to observe the true meaning of love. Men were allowed to practice polygamy. A widow can be remarried. But if he is practicing celibacy he is not allowed to practice polygamy. Divorced was not permitted. Hindu believes in order to obtain a spiritual liberation, many men and women had to move to holy pilgrimage. This spiritual liberation is widely accepted in all parts of the world. In this religion they believed before a person spirit leaves his or her body it is necessary for spiritual liberation. However, Hinduism follows as strict vegetarian diet. This diet was simply put in place, for reincarnation purpose. They abstain from certain foods.

Those who belong shakka sect are allowed to eat a certain type of meat..
In this religion, there are many phenomenon practices that need to be discussed. The first practice is polygamy. This involves a man having multiple wives. This practice was widely accepted in the rel...

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...the bible in a demonstrative way. So basically I will bring the word of God in a most literal way. There will be much rejection to the word of God. Considering their culture does not agree with the word, my approach to gain acceptance is to petition God to bring a spirit of peace and reconciliation. I will also ask God to send his spirit to lead the people.

Hinduism believes strongly in the concept of Karma. They believe everything that is done under the Sun reap a consequences whether it is Good or bad. According to Cathal J Nolan he states “ every good or evil action has repercussion at some point”. I can agree with karma concept because it is in the bible. The bible tells us what ever is sown, you shall reap. Therefore it may not be persecution or rejection once I come with my approach. I will pray the Lord to send Holy Spirit to mend the hearts of the people.

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