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Brahmans are not supposed to eat non veg food but somehow traditional trend allowed to eat fish and goat meat in Brahmins families. Hindu culture at large is divided into many subset and Dasara is a very popular Hindu festival among all, regardless of the different practices or belief. Goat meat are the major source of meat production mainly in India and Nepal. The Significant of the Goat meat is on the Hindu festival called “Dasara” where most people in south east asia prefer to eat it. At the last day of Dasara, Animal sacrifice is practiced in some Eastern states of India and Nepal and killed animal are eaten after sacrificed.
Dasara is the most important festivals celebrated by Hindu, across Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Dasara festival is a national holiday where whole family and relatives get together to enjoy the celebration. According to a legend, Dasara or Vijayadashami denotes the victory of truth over evil. Special puja are performed on the name of Goddess Chamundeshwari. It was first started by the Wodeyar King, Raja Wodeyar I (1578-1617 CE) in the year 1610 (Sadhu). Because the various languages spoken in different countries, Dasara is named differently on different country but its holy meaning are commonly hold by all Hindus. According to author Bahadur “Much of Hinduism today lives and breathes through its immersive festivals” (Sadhu 13).

The majority of Nepalese do not eat beef for religious reasons, being Hindu.religiously, we do not supposed to eat any non vegetable foods but somehow there is a traditional trend of eating certain type of meat. The most common and preferred meat in Nepal is a freshly slaughtered goat. At Dasara time, great feasts are prepared in many homes and a large quantity of blessed meat ...

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...gion do not support sacrifice of animals and also do not promote the animal foods. This book clearly state that “Hinduism in its purest form God had no form and he resides everywhere, even in the animal you kill in the name of God” (Sadhu 15). All this sacrifice of animals are happening because of wrong understanding. Hinduism teaches about sacrificing of the animal that live inside a person which force person towards violence.
I have came realizes that society were forced to let animal eaten by human due to scarcity that the society faces from time to time. I have also learned that there are thousands secrets in the world which can not be said openly to stop people from consuming animals foods. At first I had start doing the research about the cultural connection of Goat meat, by the end i came to clearly understand the misunderstanding that is laid in my culture.

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