The Hinckley Trial and the Insanity Defense Essay

The Hinckley Trial and the Insanity Defense Essay

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Trial of Murder or claims of Insanity
What does the term "insanity" mean? A mental illnesses which are so severe and debilitating that prevents a person from functioning in a lawful socially acceptable manner. ( A little history about psychiatric hospitals and how things were handled in the past. “The nation's first two psychiatric hospitals opened in the late-1700s. Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, Va. opened Oct. 12, 1773. By 1880, there were 75 public psychiatric hospitals in the United States. In 1955 state mental institutions in the U.S. housed nearly 560,000 patients. By 1977, mental institutions reduced the size of their collective population to about 160,000." (A History of Mental Institutions in the United States) “The number of U.S. Registered Hospitals 920,829.” (Health Forum) Psychiatric hospitals/facilities receive billions of dollars to run these facilities. (Gary Null, PhD)
There are symptoms of insanity that could be observed such as; aggression, restless, sadness, in different, irritable, or recklessness. But there are some symptoms that are not easily observed such as; emotional liability and changed thought patterns. There were different forms of treatments used to treat insanity victims; 1. INSULIN-COMA THERAPY began in 1927. 2. TREPANATION 20th century 3. ROTATIONAL THERAPY 4. MESMERISM (1734-1815) 5. LOBOTOMY 6. Electroconvulsive therapy 7.restraint 8. Strong drugs 9. Shock water treatment 10. Bleeding 11. Blistering salves. Such treatments often left patients severely damaged and not being able to function in society. New psychiatric drugs were developed in the 1950s, there was a new-found belief that people in mental institutions could be rehabilitated. Our current day treatments are r...

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7. Professor Lore Rutz-Burri, J.D. Southern Oregon University Defenses to Criminal Liability: Excuse, Powerpoint slide from chapter 6.

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