`` Hills Like White Elephants `` By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

`` Hills Like White Elephants `` By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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During the 1900’s a radical new movement was born - modernism. This newly found movement was built on the loss of traditional values and, the idea of self reliance. Through this, the “America Dream” was born, which valued money, romance and happiness above all else. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald lived and wrote during the 1920’s, a time known for extraordinary parties and high levels of entertainment. In The Great Gatsby, he tells a story which includes aspects of his own life and experiences that fall under the extraordinary category. Within the book, the idea of the American Dream is prevalent and analyzed. Ernest Hemingway on the other hand, is a renowned author focusing on adventure and life in the 1900’s. In his short story, “Hills like White Elephants”, a couple is arguing with noticeable tension between them. During the story, Hemingway probes the very concept of the American Dream. With both authors, the unobtainable American Dream in demonstrated within The Great Gatsby and “Hills Like White Elephants”.
In F. Scott Fitzgerald 's 1925 masterpiece, Fitzgerald uses Gatsby as a symbol of the American Dream to reveal the corruption and lack of morals during the modern era while striving for the American Dream. Before even explaining who Gatsby is, Fitzgerald launches into a description of his house, calling it a “factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy”, and continues to describe the appearance for multiple lines before mentioning anything about Gatsby himself. Once he does mention Gatsby it’s only to say that the “mansion, [is] inhibited by a gentleman of that name” (5). While meeting new people, first impressions generally focus on appearance and personality yet while describing Gatsby for the first time, FItzger...

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...Dream is shown with negative connotation displaying modernism at its finest. Modernism is build on loss of faith in traditional values, and questioning what is thought of as the “correct” life. Due to this, the American Dream is born however, the loss of faith still exists. During the modernist era people were so focused on becoming something different, they decided the new great thing was a lie. This shows a lack of strong foundation in the time period as people were throwing new ideas out only to have them shot down and exploited for all the rough or negative components. Furthermore, this can be extended from simply applying to the Modernist time period to humanity as a whole - not being content with the current way life is, and picking out all the unfavorable aspects in hope something new will come from it, only to have the cycle restart itself with ever new idea.

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