Hills Like White Elephant, By Ernest Hemingway And The Story Of An Hour Essays

Hills Like White Elephant, By Ernest Hemingway And The Story Of An Hour Essays

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This fall semester of 2014 has been an interesting and learning experience for myself. I haven’t attend school in nearly a decade and was unsure of what to expect from my teachers and myself. I would have to say being in Professor Dybala’s English 1302 to start my school day is interesting. She is an energetic professor and I’m able to feel her passion for teaching and that motivate me to try my best in her class as the rest of my classes. I was driven to do the best of my ability and whatever the outcome might be, I know I did my best.
The first graded essay that was assigned to us were to choose between two stories “Hills like White Elephant” by Ernest Hemingway and “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and interpret the story in our own words. I start by coming up with an argumentative thesis and finding quotes in the story that is a confirmation of my claim of “The Story of an Hour”. It took me a few revisions but I was able to narrow my thesis to “Mrs. Mallard does not love her husband as much as everyone had thought as she exposes her internal emotions and reacting to those emotions, decisively embraces her new sense of freedom, and envisions the brighter days ahead, but it was the twist of her supposedly dead husband walking through the door which inadvertently caused her sudden death that supports the conviction that her heart does not yearn for him as strongly as people had believed” (Cao, para. 1). I’ve learn that writing takes time and if will improve as you as you want and work on it to do so. I write the same way that I speak and there’s usually many grammatical error within my first draft. When I reread my work, I’m able to catch my mistakes and correct them and other times change them completely when I have new ...

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...ontribute to the group. I believe Johnathon was a big help in this presentation. He took the initiative to connect the rest of the group when no one respond on the forum. We were able to text each other and accomplish a good presentation for the class. I’ve learn that not every classmate will put out as much effort as you would but you just have to try your best to get the best out of each out of your classmate.
This first semester back to school has been very interesting and educational. I’ve learn more about myself not just as a writer but an individual. I was never the student that put more effort in as now I see in some of my own classmates. I was one of them when I were younger, going to school and just slack off not getting the grade I felt I deserve. Professor Dybala has taught me if you put in the effort and do your work, the outcome will show in your work.

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