Hillary Obama 's Position On Health Care

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Hilary Clinton’s Position on Health Care Hillary Clinton stands behind universal, quality, and affordable health care for everyone in America. As Hillary continues to the fight to expand healthcare in the U.S. even if it means to stand up to special interest. In the nineties Hillary’s reform on health care was shut down, but she never gave up. Clinton helped pass the Children’s Health Insurance program that now covers eight million kids. What Hillary wants to do when she is President Hilary wants to defend and expand the Affordable Care Act, which currently covers twenty million people. She wants affordable health care and more people so that “public option” will be possible. Hillary is also devoted to the support of letting people over fifty five years old buy into Medicare. The second thing that Hillary wants to bring to the table if elected president into brings down out of pocket costs like copays and deductibles. Hillary believes that if we spend less on health care then it would slow down the spending of the national health care budget. She also believes that if we demand to lower the drug costs for hardworking families and seniors, then it will reduce the costs of prescription drugs. Hillary’s plan to protect consumers from unjustified prescription drug increases from companies that market long-standing, life-saving treatments includes a new enforcement tool. The enforcement tool that Hillary wants to use is to make drug alternatives available and increase competition. She plans to hold drug companies accountable for unjustified price increases with new penalties. Another issue that Hillary wants to bring to the table is health care access to families regardless of their immigration status. Hillary will a... ... middle of paper ... ... to Kaiser. Those who have Medicaid have the worse healthcare compared to everyone else. Because of this problem with Medicaid it adds to the death toll, misuse of the emergency room, and higher overall costs. Obamcare is the cause of the reduced pay for workers in small businesses and reduced employment more than three hundred and fifty thousand jobs. Donald Trump’s Position on Mental Health Donald Trump doesn’t have a position on mental health. Reflection While reading through articles for both campaigns I realized that Donald trump doesn’t have a position on Mental Health Care. From his key concepts everything that he wants to do is to reverse what Obama has done. While Hillary’s position on health care was lengthy; Donald’s position was very short. He did not cover the basis of the issues that we as American are fighting for in the health care field.

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