Hillary Clinton Is A Great Choice Essay

Hillary Clinton Is A Great Choice Essay

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The tensions remain high, as the next president of the United States will be decided in a matter of few weeks. Deciding our president will be one of the most important and crucial decisions we have to make, as the future of our country will be put into the hands of this man or woman. Each candidate represents their own idea, and both believe they are what the country needs. Taking this into consideration, I believe the candidate best suited for our needs is Hillary Clinton. She represents many of the qualities of what a president should be, and supports the beliefs of our nation. Along with the aforementioned, Hillary Clinton is a great choice because of her three principal attributes: political qualifications, a calm and patient demeanor, as well as her stance on many of our issues. There is no doubt that Hillary would make an excellent president, and should be every voter’s top choice.
All presidents have several qualities as well as characteristics that make them great leaders. One of these substantial traits is political qualification. Every and any candidate that is running for president has to have experience dealing with conflicts and problems and making decisions to better our country. Hillary Clinton is able to fulfill this role because of her many qualifications, as she was the first lady, an American politician, as well as former secretary of state, serving from 2009 to 2013. According to http://archives.bluenationreview.com/candidates-office.
Hillary had served eight years as first lady of the United States, and had been a valuable asset to her husband, former president, Bill Clinton, as she would attend his campaign strategy meetings, bring his discursive meetings to a close, as well as plotting out his defen...

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...ary’s stances are crucial and substantial, as she focuses on the areas which we care about the most.
All in all, the best candidate we need to vote for is Hillary Clinton, because of her various aspects, as well qualifications and thinking process on many if not all of the areas which we deeply care about. There is no doubt that she should be your top vote for president, as she is the most pragmatic and experienced candidate that is running. I believe this based on both evidence and personal opinion, as I had watched both debates that had occurred so far. From what I saw, Hillary had shown and represented the utmost qualities a president should have, unlike her counterpart candidate. Donald Trump, who had been shown to relatively think unrealistically and was prone to bouts of anger and irritation. At the end, the result should be unanimous- Hillary for President!

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