Hillary Clinton: A Figure of Power and Courage Essay

Hillary Clinton: A Figure of Power and Courage Essay

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October 26, 1947, Chicago, Illinois : Dorothy Howell and Hugh Rodham cradle their daughter with loving arms, their newborn baby girl who would one day grow up to be Hillary Rodham Clinton. They knew that their daughter was going to be someone amazing one day, but what they didn’t know was that she was going to become a famous civil rights activist. Hillary’s life started in Chicago, Illinois, but she soon moved to Park Ridge, Illinois, where her life sprouted. She lived with her parents and her two brothers, Hugh Jr. and Tony. Both of Hillary’s parents were very strict since they had lived through the Great Depression. The Great Depression times were rough, so that reflected on the way Dorothy Howell and Hugh Rodham raised their children. Shortly after Hillary and her family moved, one of the neighborhood kids began to pick on the newcomer. Hillary sprinted home, with tears flowing down her cheeks and dripping down her neck. Dorothy Howell, her mom instantly came up to her and told her off. Then, Dorothy stomped away. Hillary kept on letting the girl taunt and tease her. One day, while everybody was staring at the bully and Hillary, the bully shoved her to the ground and booted her. After Hillary got up, she was brimming with anger. She clenched her fists and chased the bully up and down the streets while onlookers jeered. The bully never tussled with Hillary again.
Hillary’s education began at Eugene Field Elementary School. When she graduated from elementary school, she went to Ralph Waldo Junior High School. The thought of school made Hillary’s heart thump with excitement. One thing Hillary absolutely loved was softball. When her metal bat cracked against the hard ball, she jumped with joy. On October, 1957, when t...

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...not just about Martin Luther King Jr. boycotting, it’s not just about Jackie Robinson swinging his bat, it’s about much more. It’s about how soldiers were freezing to death during the American Revolution for our freedom. It’s about how one dollar can look like a bank to some people. It’s about standing up to a bully. Civil rights are basic rules and needs humans yearn for. In this world, there are still mountain loads of injustice. There are simple actions that you could do to inch towards the world’s goal of having equal rights for all. You could flash a smile to the new student in school who feels left out. You can donate a dollar or two for
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homeless children. You can hang up peaceful signs around your community. Hillary Clinton made many excellent choices, there are many choices you can make to change the world and it’s up to you to make the right ones.

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