Hilary Clinton And Donald Trump And The Future President Of United States Of America

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Out of all the traits to pick from, which traits would be best in a friend, in a partner, or, the future 44th president of United States of America? But, just like how it is impossible to change someone, even their worst traits, it is impossible to change the two rival presidential candidates, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump and their traits. With the help of McAdam’s, and, the big five personality traits it is possible to deduce who has low agreeableness and who has low extraversion. In the case with Republican candidate, Donald Trump, he displays very dramatic traits, such as extraversion, assertiveness, and belligerence. The first big five traits, extraversion, is a trait trump flaunts with his grandiose gestures and outspoken opinions. He is also a character who feeds off of the constant attention he receives from rallies, interviews, and the positive or negative social media interactions he faces. Reward seeking stimuli such as fame and wealth suggest Trump’s most expressive extraversion tendencies. High neuroticism is the second of Trump’s definable traits. McAdam’s writes that Trump is busy with phone calls, restless, and goes day by day low on sleep, which could explain his choleric attitude. Some definable traits of neuroticism that Trump expresses include: angry, “uptight and often express negative attitudes towards coworkers” and also being easily irritated by others. He also openly expresses his anger towards illegal immigrants, ISIS, and injustice. Agreeableness is low for Trump based on his various opinions and proposed changes if he becomes president. Trump is inflexible, intolerant, and generally unlikeable to a portion of people. He constantly seeks to blame Obama and Hillary, which constitutes his aggressive beh... ... middle of paper ... ...nce surge”, to be thoughtful and not afraid. This is a futuristic approach of improving ourselves instead of acting upon heighten senses of terror. She is middle to low on agreeableness in which, unlike Trump, does not point blame. She rather identifies his narrow-minded exclamations and builds a better solution. She supports lgbt rights and a reform with injustice. People with higher agreeableness are cooperative and compromise when dealing with conflicts. Neuroticism is also middle to low for her last defining trait. She doesn’t appear to be as brash as Trump, but there could be other underlying features she possesses. As a politician, the characteristic as a liar could be a response from a neurotic characteristic. In conclusion, there are many words to describe the two presidential candidates: loud, angry, narcissistic, or dishonest, unorganized, and arrogant.

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