Hijab Battles Around the World Essay

Hijab Battles Around the World Essay

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I was born into a family of mixed cultures and religions. My father was Christian and my mother was of an Islamic descent. I was always respectful to any religion, regardless of it’s beliefs, because it is a symbol of devotion and peace. When I grew up, I was fascinated to see how quickly Islam started to spread in Western parts of the world. My fascination was also followed by disbelief of how ignorant and cruel anti-islamic activists were, blaming every single act of terror and violence onto a religious group. I could believe it on a global scale, but I never knew it was something that could wait for anyone wearing hijab, right around the corner. In my first semester at Hawaii Pacific University, I decided to wear hijab to school, just for one day. To my shock, every guard, who was near the building to my classroom, decided to do an ID check on me, even though, my face was not covered, just my hair. I was upset over the fact of how threat is being perceived in today’s society. As I went home, I questioned myself about religious freedom and tolerance, acceptance and respect - and to my disappointment I had to accept the fact that Western society is still very racist and discriminatory, not only against race, but also against religions.
Religious freedom should not emphasize, nor disregard, it should be equally applied to all citizens and residents of a diplomatic and liberal countries. When the country welcomes a new citizen into their community, the first noun they affiliate a new citizen with is “free”. As I was receiving my American passport, I was pronounced a free person, and I was given the right to express myself freely through speech, religious actions and beliefs. However, the religious freedom of expression through c...

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