Essay on The Highest Achievement A Team

Essay on The Highest Achievement A Team

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The highest achievement a team can accomplish in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is becoming the NBA Champions. Too many athletes play their hearts out every season with the expectation that their team will eventually win the prestigious championship ring and trophy during the finals. Since the Cleveland Cavaliers won the title last year, the pressure is on for them to repeat! Consequently, the fans expect LeBron James aka King James and the Cavaliers to dominate the competition time after time on the court to bring home another NBA Championship.

Will King James do it again?

King James may be well-regarded by sports commentators and many fans as the best basketball player ever to play the game. Nevertheless, his critics counted him out after game 4 of the championship against the Golden State Warriors when the Cleveland Cavaliers was down 3 to 1. Although the pundits announced the Warriors would repeat as NBA Champions because no team has ever come back to win a championship after being down 3 to 1 going into game 5, the Cavaliers remained positive during their practices...

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