Higher Education : It Worked For Me Essay

Higher Education : It Worked For Me Essay

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Higher Education: It Worked for Me

For twenty-five years I worked at a company that have always prospered, always seem to grow, and always seem to be on top. I too wanted to grow and excel within the company. But due to lack of a degree, I was never able to grow to the level that I wanted. I was limited to the types of positions that I held. I could only move up so far within the company. I saw many friends, co-workers, and colleagues reach the goals that they had set for their lives. When various positions came open, I saw them climb the corporate ladder. They had something that I did not have, a college education/degree. At those moments, I knew how valuable it was, having a college degree.
There have been researches done to show how valuable a higher education really is. In the article “The Value of Higher Education”, Redbull706 stated “for individuals whom attended a university and obtained at least a four-year bachelor’s degree make more money on average than people who have never obtained a university degree according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. In a study conducted in 2009, it was concluded that someone with a four-year bachelor’s degree makes on average $20,748 more per year than someone without the degree.” This is very true, for example; our oldest son teach music at two of the junior high schools here in Memphis and because he has not completed his bachelor’s degree, he cannot be paid the amount the he so desires. As parents, we tried to encourage him to go the school and pursue a career in education and become a music teacher. His reply was “I have no desire to be a teacher, I’m tired of school, and I don’t want to deal with students like myself.” Because he is a very good musicia...

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...ate is 105 points, but the average of a college four-year graduate is 115 points.”
I am living proof that attending higher education systems is extremely valuable. After I made the decision to go back and pursue a degree, I applied for and received a Production Supervisor’s position at Microport Orthopedics, where I had been for the last twenty-five years. Higher education is extremely valuable because it offers great financial benefits. It makes the individuals more intelligent. Greater opportunities come to them and also teach great skills that are essential for having a successful life. Overall, higher education systems are extremely valuable. My goal is to encourage anyone who wants to become a better person, a better individual, and have a better life should really consider seeking a college degree. It’s an awesome reward and gift to give to yourself.

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