Higher Education Is Necessary For Life Goals Essay

Higher Education Is Necessary For Life Goals Essay

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There are a lot of point of views about higher education and whether or not it is important or worth the time, effort, and high cost. From my point of view, I believe that higher education is an important step in accomplishing your life goals. College, a type of higher education, can be a component of a person’s life goals - sometimes a rather necessary one. Coming to Ivy Tech and starting classes are a step in the journey to my life goals. Higher education is necessary for my life goals, but for some it’s not - it’s just a hindrance. A person’s life goals, background and preference have a lot to do with whether they feel higher education is required or optional.
My life goals aren’t very specific at this point in my life, it’s possible that they may never be. I have so many things I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime, but I don’t know if I would consider them life goals. The ideas I do acknowledge as my life goals at the moment are wanting to make a difference in the world, or at least my undetermined field of work, and sharing my learned knowledge and experience with others. I may not know what life will throw at me, but I plan on making a difference somehow. While it may be somewhat unachievable to make an immensely important discovery, it’s something I’ve looked forward to and wanted to do from a very young age. The other life goal would be sharing my knowledge and experience with others to benefit them and the world around us. Learning is a huge part of life, and to me it is most, if not all, of life. I think it’s important to learn from others and to teach other people. I’d like to have part of my life to be about doing just that.
Higher education is a much needed component to achieving my life goals. Going to college, ...

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...ces, and time are constricting factors of getting an enriching college experience.
In conclusion, I believe that higher education is an essential part of accomplishing life goals. There are strengths and weaknesses of attempting higher education; strengths outweighing the weaknesses in my opinion. Higher education can help you gain experience, knowledge, contacts, and resources you could not have access to without attending college or another form of it. For me, I will definitely be pursuing a higher education as I feel it is necessary for achieving my life goals. Ivy Tech is a step I’m taking in the adventure of completing my said goals, and I hope to be able to attend Ivy Tech when I start college as a full time college student. College, and higher education in general, is a significant part of a person’s life that should be embraced and explored to its extent.

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