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Higher Education And High School Essay example

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Higher education is often defined as education through college, or as education after high school. Higher education is not defined only by being booksmart. It includes being creative, having a well-rounded mindset, and being aware of the things going on around you. Many students who go into college think that higher education should only be defined by scholars pursuing the highest paid careers , but college is the place where students open up to different things and career opportunities which they might find enjoyable. High School only limits you to certain courses and subjects which really doesn 't let you see things you might like, in comparison to college which gives you plenty of options to chose from. Higher education should be pursued by the things you appreciate, rather than economical pressure.
As time goes by, more students are pursuing education after high school, students have bigger chances now than students 50 years ago. College is a place where you open up your mind and see the different options that are set for you , ranging from sports, engineering, literature and many other subjects. Many high school graduates think that college is only a place you go to obtain a higher wage, while that is somewhat true, students should pursue a career which they enjoy, rather than a job that just pays a large amount. As Danielle Allen writes “But we don’t want to craft an environment where people fail to come to their own understanding of what they should try to do because as a nation, we are justifiably trying to increase the efficiency with which we match human capital to the labor market.”(2) Teens nowadays are pressured by parents and media to obtain the most valued jobs such as those in the medical and engineering field, but...

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...bers, though he was smart, his decision wasn 't very clever. Before going to college, he would pursue a career as a orthodontist, because research had shown him that this was a lucrative profession. However, since he had no interest in the career, he became enervated by the work, and ended up flunking school because nothing about his academic courses really interested him other than the future money.
Students who pursue higher education should look to take courses they enjoy, and not dissuaded by surrounding pressures. Let your mind free, and don 't feel obligated to work on a career plan that doesn 't delight you. Personally, I do not claim that difficult careers are not enjoyable, but letting yourself explore and see the things one is passionate about is more important because you will find something you like, and therefore, succeed in it without any hesitations.

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