Essay about Higher Demand Of Ncqa Accreditation

Essay about Higher Demand Of Ncqa Accreditation

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Rising demand of NCQA accreditation
The patient has been using the accreditation data in making the best decisions when they are selecting the healthcare insurance plans. The rising demand for the NCQA accreditation has been driven by the fact that managed care organizations are expected to be good organizations regarding quality services. Therefore, purchasers have been vigilant in asking the NCQA accreditation before they engage in a plan. They just want to get certainty that the organization that they are seeking services from is an accredited organization that provides quality healthcare (Mumford, Forde, Greenfield, Hinchcliff, & Braithwaite, 2013). This has forced many providers, which engage in managed care, to seek NCQA accreditation since most of the clients are demanding the same (Tabrizi, Gharibi, & Wilson, 2011). Although the NCQA is a voluntary accreditation, it has been noted that it has almost become a mandatory requirement for the managed care organizations to seek the same, since all purchasers are so concerned about it. The growing, need for accreditation of the managed care organizations, has been driven by the fact that individuals and organizations are more concerned about the quality of health care services that they receive, and they are holding organizations accountable so that they can provide the best services to them. One of the trends is that the role of the managed care organizations has changed significantly over the last few years (Gamble, 2011). The managed care organizations are not only expected to save costs, but they are also expected to provide the best services so that they can attract clients. Managed care organizations are now competing in terms of the quality of provided services but not i...

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...bout the NCQA accreditation of the ACOs is the fact that the NCQA accreditation takes into consideration all important aspects that will help in the proper distinction of an ACO. For example, one of the key requirements that the NCQA accreditation seeks is to assess whether the organization has a team of qualified employees (Cheung-Larivee, 2011). The organizations must have access to professionals who will be providing healthcare for needed patients. Organizations, which do not have such access to the professionals, do not have the capacity to be ACOs. The NCQA accreditation seeks to provide such qualifications to the key players in the industry; they ensure that the ACO has the right capacity (Mumford, Forde, Greenfield, Hinchcliff, & Braithwaite, 2013). Through such information, it is easy for the players to select the best organization that can serve their needs.

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