High Tech Coatings Case Study Essay

High Tech Coatings Case Study Essay

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High Tech Coatings Case Study
High Tech Coatings is small family-owned business that provides finishing services to several leading global manufacturers in the communications and technology industries and for the military. The company has been in business for nearly 40 years providing its core service of painting and powder coating, but when the second generation took the helm ten years ago the services offered and customer based were expanded. The mission of High Tech Coatings is to provide the highest quality and broadest range of finishing services available to better serve their customers. John Rushin is the President and owner of High Tech Coatings and he along with his leadership team consisting of an Operations Manager, Quality Manager, and Office Manager oversee the strategic and day to day management of the company. An interview was conducted with John Rushin to learn more about the company setting and to identify organizational development issues.
Company Setting and Problem Statements
When John Rushin assumed the position of President of High Tech Coatings that his father had held for the previous thirty years, he immediately recognized the need to expand their customer base and diversify their revenue streams. The majority of their revenue was derived from a handful of customers and demand fluctuations significantly impacted business outcomes. At this time, their service offerings were exclusively related to painting and finishing aluminum castings. Mr. Rushin learned the entire supply chain process of the castings that flowed through his finishing process and identified additional services that High Tech Coatings could offer. They expanded their services to include sandblasting, machining, printing and assembly, whic...

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...ign, job components and inputs? In contrast, has each job been analyzed to measure outputs? Staffing challenges and lingering process issues indicate that a review of job designs is necessary to verify that the job characteristics support an enriched job and high quality of working life.
3. What are the company’s processes and systems? The company underwent significant change in many areas, but not in all areas. An analysis of the company’s processes and systems may reveal additional changes are needed to allow a smooth flow and consistent outcomes.
4. How has the company’s culture changed since the implementation? The company’s strategies have changed along with many other aspects of the day to day operation. Evaluating the current culture and determining if changes are needed may help to alleviate staffing issues and improve the working life of current employees.

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