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Technology these days have advanced so much that they have a major global-wide influence to the very core of people's lives around the world. Allen D. Kanner, a child, family, and adult psychologist, states in his essay "The Piracy of Privacy: Why Marketers Must Bare Our Souls" (587) that high-tech technology is affecting the people's psychological mind and well-being. I agree with Allen D. Kanner's statement that technology has affected people's behavior in many ways in countless types of situations because of how technology is addicting and how wide it connects people to other people. The 21st century technology’s advancement is so beyond any technology in the past that it warps the lifestyle and ideals of the people in this century. It literally changes the establishment humans’ way of living, well or bad, it rewires how people operate in this world in numerous types of interaction and fields.
Technology in advertisement has become so wide-distributed throughout the world in all sorts of places, which everyone’s behavior is heavily affected by its influence. Advertisement is literally everywhere today, in cell phones, videos, events, buses, websites, and other small or large context. Advertisement targets a specific audience’s behavior in order for the audience to take action in what the advertisement is promoting. Advertisement can alter the decisions people make by simply its appearance, sound, touch, smell, or taste depending on the type of advertisement. A clothing store is having a sale on the hottest fashions which has an effect on the shoppers in impulse shopping for those products that they don’t necessarily want or need. The advertisement attracted those shoppers, for one thing it stated it’s the hottest fashion, pro...

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...y of issues to people. Communication has changed in so many ways that’s been altered and adopted in new ways that people have to interpret form their own perspective which leads to misunderstanding. Its advancement create time-saving for people to relax and enjoy themselves more, but a side effect is that they become lazy as a result. Technology affects humans in so many ways like lifestyle, conversations the way it's used, relationships, and more. It seems so helpful to people, but dangerous at the same time, that it’s hard to know whether it’s a good or bad thing; it is simply another gray area that is necessary for humans to live with.

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