Essay on High Stakes Testing ( Hst )

Essay on High Stakes Testing ( Hst )

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Imagine that you are a teacher with a classroom full of eight-year-olds. High stakes testing (HST) will be administered soon, then used to determine if your salary will be cut in the following year. While true that many believe in the validity and benefit produced by HST. Unfortunately, it negatively affects the school system from the district to the student. The destructive effects, however minimal, are not to be overlooked. HST began as an exercise in accountability. However, it has morphed into a nest of politics that negatively upsets various aspects of learning. HST should be removed from the school system and replaced with an agreed upon substitute, implemented in waves of productive growth and accountability.
HST is any test used to determine significant decisions about students, educators, schools, or districts. In general, “high stakes” means that test scores are used to determine punishments, advancement, or compensation (Abbott). The government officials that aren’t physically in the schools are using a concrete stratagem to deliver concrete results. Although, the results of HST cannot have concrete results because there are too many variables that are dependent on innumerable factors. Penalizing all parties, from the districts to the students, based on HST results that aren’t an accurate representation of all factors, remains unethical.
HST adversely affects teachers. The administrators that stand in support of HST claim that this standard will maintain accountability. One cannot govern morality with laws and force. The amount of teachers that are behaving with integrity due to HST occurs rarely, ethics aren’t administered into people. Teachers that excel under these circumstances are the few that appreciate this type...

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...ed by an expanse of money. Not only are lower income students not able to afford these schools, but the geographical location of private schools is very often far from the poverty stricken areas.
While there are numerous issues with education, and its reform, I perceive it as a continual evolution with hope of positive change. HST reform stands as a cooperative progression, not a hunt to damage a party in particular. Taking care of the students and educators remains the highest concern, leaving political disputes aside. HST was attempted and failed. The faster the pieces are picked up; the less loss will be sustained. Protecting those that are harmed by this system is an essential responsibility. With rapid application, ruled with the foresight of what learning should be, education can be restored to a system guided by the necessities of the students and educators.

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