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High Social Pressure On College Students Essay example

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As we move into the future, college graduates are becoming less prepared for the workforce. The skills that employers are demanding either aren’t being properly taught, or aren’t being properly learned. It seems that an increasing number of studies are being published on “Why America is becoming dumber,” or “Increasing Stupidity in America,” when in fact it is the complete opposite. America isn’t becoming dumber; it’s just becoming more social. While employers look for their employees to have skills such as teamwork and research skills, they appear to be recruiting from a pool of applicants who are more skilled in the art of taking selfies and playing beer pong. More than ever, the youth in our country are being pressured to confide with the social norms of the modern world, and this high social pressure on college students is creating a mass of unprepared graduates who are unsure of how to succeed in the workforce.
Take a look at the majority of successful business owners. Not many CEO’s were extensive party-goers in college. In fact, looking at many top corporations, the owners and high level executives are what in today’s society are often referred to as “nerds.” People who made it their goal in college to perform academically and let social activity take a backseat. People like Tim Cook of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are all likely to be seen near the top of the Fortune 500 and are all what would be commonly referred to as “nerds.” While all three of these men have developed social skills through their career, their main focus in achieving the success they have was most certainly not to socialize and fit in. The term “nerd” often carries a negative connotation. Why does a term that can be u...

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... for the labor force, they have to prioritize academic responsibilities.
There is an obvious disconnect between today’s college students and the expectations that many employers hold. An increasing amount of graduates are proving unable to provide the fundamental skills that recruiters see as necessary. High social pressure on college students is undoubtedly to blame. The majority of college students have completely changed their focus from academic success to social success, and it doesn’t appear this is going to slow down any time soon. The world is headed into a more social era, and this presents a massive issue for employers. In order to fit in, college students are favoring drinking and going out than learning and performing well on schoolwork. Less time is being devoted towards schoolwork, and this will unquestionably have a long lasting impact in the workforce.

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